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After writing two dozen nonfiction books, some translated into Malaysian, French, and Arabic, Meera Lester launched the Henny Penny Farmette series of cozy mysteries. Check out these entertaining mysteries set against Meera’s real-life farming background and featuring lots of beekeeping and caring for chickens info as well as recipes and tips on growing heirloom vegetables.




A HIVE OF HOMICIDES, the newest offering in the Henny Penny Farmette series, is slated for publication Sept. 2017. Watch for details of this story featuring ex-cop/lady farmer Abigail Mackenzie. The story opens with the murder of the philandering husband of Abby’s good friend Paola, an exotic Brazilian beauty and talented truffle maker. The story is set in part on a N. California winery.You won’t want to miss this charming cozy that arcs the series and highlights Abby’s relationship with Lucas Crawford–that soft-spoken, long-legged rancher with eyes the color of creek water–who lives uphill from her small farm.




If you missed reading a short excerpt from my newest book, THE MURDER OF A QUEEN BEE on blogger Brooke Bumgardner’s site (along with her interview of me) on December 24 at http://www.brookeblogs.com,watch for my guest blog on Dru’s Book Musings in mid-February. See, https://drusbookmusing.com/category/a-day-in-the-life/





A honeybee colony creates a wax house like this one for their queen. Sometimes when I open my hives, I will see many such houses on a frame of honey even though a colony will accept only one queen



 **********Quotes and Praise for the Series**********



KIRKUS REVIEWS (July 15, 2016): “The second [novel, The Murder of a Queen Bee] from Lester (A Beeline To Murder, 2016) is long on romance, sweet tips, and honey recipes. . . a mystery, too.”


BOOKLIST (August 2016): [The Murder of a Queen Bee] “Framed with details of beekeeping, herb growing, and living and working on a small farm in California, this charming cozy also includes well-drawn, engaging characters and a promising new romance for Abby.”


PUBLISHER’S WEEKLY (August 29, 2016): [The Murder of a Queen Bee] “Lester ticks all the boxes…This one is for lovers of cozy mysteries that are heavy on the cozy.”


LIBRARY JOURNAL (April 23, 2015) notes,”Food, of course, remains a tasty high point of cozy mysteries, especially when recipes are included . . . Meera Lester’s engaging debut, A Beeline to Murder (Kensington, Oct.), offers beekeeping, organic gardening, pastry ­baking—and an engaging mystery.” See, http://reviews.libraryjournal.com/2015/04/books/genre-fiction/mystery/not-your-usual-suspects-genre-spotlight-mystery/


“Start A New Series” Sale–Kobo Books –January 6 – 16, 2017 US & Canada. See, https://www.kobo.com/us/en/search?Query=Meera+Lester


See, http://tinyurl.com/hxy3s8q

See, http://tinyurl.com/h4kou4g



“A mystery featuring a lady cop turned farmer who can’t help digging up clues? What fun!” —Joanne Fluke, New York Times bestselling author of the Hannah Swensen Mysteries


This fun cozy mystery brings a triple treat: a California wine country setting, a touch of romance with a handsome Frenchman, and country hints and recipes from the writer’s own farmette.”—Rhys Bowen, New York Times bestselling author of the Molly Murphy and Royal Spyness Mysteries


“Ex-cop Abby Mackenzie may have traded her badge for a garden hoe and a beekeeper’s hood, but danger and crime won’t leave her alone. Beekeeping and garden tips, yummy recipes, and a darling dog named Sugar give this honey of a debut a special flavor that will leave readers buzzing happily.”—Leslie Budewitz, Agatha Award-winning author of the Spice Shop Mysteries

A Beeline to Murder is a must-read for anyone who loves animals and enjoys a crime-fighting romp that blends rescue and romance, with an irresistible woman-plus-pooch sleuth duo leading the way.”—Katerina Lorenzatos Makris, author of the Island Secrets Mysteries and co-author of Your Adopted Dog


“Lester’s novel is a fun read with some eccentric and intriguing characters who all seem equally as likely to be capable of committing a gruesome murder…A thrilling page-turner that just can’t be put down.”– RT Book Reviews



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On the real Henny Penny Farmette, we grow heirloom vegetables, fruits, and berries. We also keep chickens and honeybees.



I enjoy blogging about living close to the earth, growing organic foods, caring for honeybees and chickens, making jams, recycling materials (instead of dumping them into landfills), and sustainable living on my Henny Penny Farmette.com website. I blog regularly about the life I’m now living on a half acre of land in an inland valley east of the San Francisco Bay. The blog is chocked full of recipes, photos, gardening tips, almanac sayings, and much more. The adventures and misadventures of daily life on the farmette provide plenty of material for my frequent blogs. See, http://www.hennypennyfarmette.com





We have deliberately created a wildlife habitat at the back of our farmette where birds are welcome to drink at several fountains or feed on suet balls or birdseed.


Check out the July-August issue of GRAND magazine to read how to craft a backyard feeder for songbirds from a pottery saucer and string.




Or, get my recipe for making healthy, wholesome red, white, and blueberry muffins using summer berries.




Read the October 2015 issue of GRAND magazine to learn how I orchestrated a career transition from writing nonfiction books into novels after moving from Miami and buying a rundown farmette in the San Francisco Bay Area. And there’s a bonus–her original recipe for homemade gluten free granola. Check it out. http://www.nxtbook.com/nxtbooks/grand/20150910_v3/index.php#/17


Also . . . Meera shares memories of apple picking in rural Missouri and her delicious recipe for a honey walnut apple cake. Find that story in the November-December 2015 issue of GRAND magazine.


Autumn apples freshly picked from a backyard tree make delicious snacking or wonderful pies and turnovers.


At Kensington Publishing’s Hobby Reads website, Meera has written farmette craft articles such as “How to Make a Lavender-Sage Smudging Stick. See, https://hobbyreads.wordpress.com/category/crafts/



Perhaps you are writing a novel and struggling with pacing, dialogue, plotting, a sagging middle, showing “heart” on the page, narrative thrust, or some other issue. I enjoy working with aspiring authors who might benefit from a professional critique of their current writing projects or would like help. Feel free to send me an email briefly outlining your project and primary issue with it. My email address is: meeralester1@gmail.com.




Click here: http://www.hennypennyfarmette.com. Or locate me on LinkedIn, find me on Facebook, or track me on Twitter. My other social networking sites include Goodreads, Pinterest, and Reddit.



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