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Welcome visitors.

I hope you enjoy looking around my website.

I invite you to read my biography to learn about my background as a internationally published writer. Thus far, I’ve written and had published nearly two dozen books.

Coming soon . . . a cozy for mystery lovers!

I’ve just finished writing a new cozy mystery, the first in a series that is not yet published. My agent is currently handling the sale of that one. Watch for upcoming details here.

Look around this website and you’ll discover information about my freelance work as well. If you are looking for a professional critique of your current writing project or would like help in developing your book or have a novel or screenplay idea, please feel free to send an email to me.

Buy a Book if You Love Learning
Check out the books I’ve written and had published. Most are available on Amazon.com, through various bookstores such as Barnes & Noble and and other brick-and-mortar stores, or through the publishing companies that produced the books. My passion is writing. In economic downturns, readers want positive messages. Others want spiritually uplifting books. These ideas resonate with my own heart, so many of my books offer insights for improving the life you are living and creating the life of your dreams.

Read My Blogs about Farmette Life
I also blog about living close to the earth, growing organic foods, caring for honeybees and chickens, making jams, recycling materials (instead of dumping them into landfills), and sustainable living on my Henny Penny Farmette.com website. It’s mainly a blog about the life I’m now living on a half acre of land east of the San Francisco Bay. The blog is chocked full of recipes, photos, gardening tips, almanac sayings, and much more. The adventures and misadventures of daily life on the farmette provide plenty of material for my frequent blogs.

Discover Tips for Writing Well
Periodically on this site, I offer insights, strategies, and tips to improve your writing. Whether you are interested in creating dynamic dialogue, compelling characters, innovative plots, or scenes that sizzle, check the blog here for tips, insights, secret strategies, and no-nonsense help.

Visit my other websites: http://www.hennypennyfarmette.com. and htttp://www.mysacredworld.com. Also, find many of my books on the publisher’s website at www.adamsmedia.com. To see my bestselling Everything series books, click here.

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