A Hive of Homicides
Publisher: Kensington Publishing Sept. 2017

Ex-cop Abigail Mackenzie joins family members and friends in a wedding vow renewal ceremony between Paola Varela and her husband Jake Winston, a scion of local winery heirs. At the after-party, Abby sets out to give the winery chef the jars of honey she’s brought as favors when she discovers the chef missing. Returning to the parking lot to locate him, she hears shots fired, discovers the bodies of the newly wedded couple, and finds herself in the killer’s cross hairs.

The Murder of a Queen Bee
Publisher: Kensington Publishing Sept. 2016

The death of her herbalist friend Fiona Mary Ryan Sullivan has ex-cop Abigail Mackenzie  caught up in a web of intrigue that involves a New Age sect that has moved its operation onto an old nudist colony in the mountains above Las Flores. Clay Calhoun, an old boyfriend of Abby’s shows up wanting a new start just as she feels sparks igniting in the company of Fiona’s handsome brother, an ethnobotanist and world traveler named Jack Sullivan. Abby keeps Clay at arm’s length as she helps Jack get to to the bottom of who killed his sister. 

Sacred Travels: 275 Ways to Find Joy, Seek Solace, and Live More Fully
Publisher: Adams Media Spring 2011

If you seek ways to explore, expand, and advance your spiritual life and enjoy sacred art, pilgrimage, and exploring the sacred in the world’s sanctuaries and natural settings, this book is for you. From the rock-cut caves of Tunisia to the great cathedrals and small churches of Europe, you’ll discover holy places to pray, meditate, reflect, confess, and perform traditional sacred rites. Buy this book through or from Adams

The Marriage Devotional, 365 Simple Ways to Celebrate Your Love
Publisher: Adams Media September 2010

If you want to live a healthier, wealthier, and longer life, discover how in this book that focuses on married couples, from newly marrieds to couples who have celebrated numerous anniversaries.Chocked full of proven secrets to help couples strengthen the bonds of their marital relationship, this book can serve as your guide to a more fulfilling life with the one you love.

365 Ways to Live Happy
Publisher: Adams Media February 2010

Doing a random act of kindness doesn’t have to cost you anything. You can silently bless someone walking past you, forgive an old hurt, release the jealousy you feel toward someone else, or smile at a stranger on the subway. In this compact, easy-to-read little volume, you’ll discover 1001 ways to not only do good for yourself and others, but for our planet as well.

365 Ways to Look and Feel Younger, with Carolyn Dean, M.D.
Publisher: Adams Media December 2009

From everyday tips to reduce wrinkles, improve memory, boost libido, and build muscles, this book has it all. From memory boosting tricks to anti-aging strategies and insights, you’ll learn all about the benefits of eating superfoods, expanding your social network, taking up weight training or yoga, and making your life the best it can be. Become more beautiful, happier, stronger, and healthier for now and the rest of your life. Get this book and start today creating the new you.

365 Ways to Live the Law of Attraction
Publisher: Adams Media March 2009

In this handy little guidebook, you will find pithy, helpful, inspiring tips, strategies, and techniques to live in harmony with the universal law of attraction to gain power over your life, attract abundance, healthy relationships, and meaningful work…in short, you will find the means to live a purposeful life from the inside out.

The Everything Law of Attraction Book
Publisher: Adams Media December 2008

You don’t have to wait to have the life you’ve always wanted. In this highly accessible book on the ancient universal law of attraction, you’ll learn how to attract into your life exactly what you want and how to stop attracting what you don’t want. From the drawing into your life the perfect romantic relationship to putting your career into liftoff, this book will get you motivated and dreaming new dreams for your life.

1001 Ways to Do Good
Publisher: Adams Media October 2008

Doing a random act of kindness doesn’t have to cost you anything. You can silently bless someone walking past you, forgive an old hurt, release the jealousy you feel toward someone else, or smile at a stranger on the subway. In this compact, easy-to-read little volume, you’ll discover 1001 ways to not only do good for yourself and others, but for our planet as well.

The Everything Women of the Bible Book: From Eve to Mary Magdalene, A History of Saints, Queens, and Matriarchs
Publisher: Adams Media 2007

If you wished you knew more about the role women played in Judeo-Christian times, this book is for you.  The stories of ancient women, both named and unnamed, are sprinkled throughout the Scriptures. In this book, you’ll discover amazing tales about heroic women leaders, sexy sirens, virtuous and pious women, and some who did dark deeds to eliminate any threat to their power.

Biblical Baby Names for Today
Publisher: Adams Media 2007

Searching for a biblical name for your baby couldn’t be easier than flipping through the pages of this handy little volume. The book includes 1,000 names broken down into those for boys and for girls. Also given are the various spellings of each name, the origin, and the meaning. Finally, interspersed throughout are stories from Scripture featuring a character with an interesting or unusual name, for example, Esther, Jemima, Martha, Lazarus, Esau, and Hezekiah, among others.

Why Does Santa Wear Red…and 100 Other Christmas Curiosities Unwrapped
Publisher: Adams Media 2007

Everything you ever wanted to know about Christmas is detailed in this perfectly sized stocking stuffer, from what the Victorians ate for their holiday dinner to how Christmas is celebrated in other lands. Packed with trivia, recipes, and information about when Mrs. Claus appeared in history as well as what scholars believe the wise men saw in the night sky, this little gem has something for everyone. A holiday bestseller for its publisher, this book continues to be a favorite addition to holiday shopping lists everywhere!

The Everything Gnostic Gospels Book, A Complete Guide to the Secret Gospels
Publisher: Adams Media 2007

In the 1940s, a peasant hunting for fertilizer near Nag Hammadi, in Upper Egypt, uncovered a cache of early Christian texts. These documents, many of them believed to have been written by Gnostics, provided a new lens for examining the birth of Christianity, suggesting that the birth was tumultuous, rather than smooth and harmonious. The Gnostics saw themselves as Christians, but the views they held were, in many cases, widely divergent from traditional Christian concepts. Find out who the Gnostics were, what they believed, and why modern scholars are so fascinated by these ancient people’s alternative version of Christianity.

The Everything Mary Magdalene Book: The Life and Legacy of Jesus’ Most Misunderstood Disciple
Publisher: Adams Media 2006

The woman that for centuries was believed to have been the Bible’s repentant prostitute was misrepresented, according to modern scholarship. In fact, it is more likely that Mary Magdalene was the glue that held the earliest Christian movement together. In this book, dedicated to unraveling the mystery of Jesus’ most enigmatic follower and the Bible’s most misunderstood woman, you will discover references to her in historical texts, art, and music and learn how and why she serves as a spiritual exemplar and an inspirational role model for the modern women’s movement.

Mary Magdalene: The Modern Guide to the Bible’s Most Mysterious and Misunderstood Woman
Publisher: Adams Media 2005

This little devotional book features prayers and myriad other ways to venerate Mary Magdalene and bring her blessings of goodness, mercy, compassion, and love of the Lord into your life.

Saints’ Blessings, Wisdom and Guidance Inspired by 36 of the World’s Most Beloved Saints
Publisher: Fair Winds 2004

Read the stories of the great souls who once walked upon this earth, suffering many of the same or worse trials and tribulations that moderns endure and yet found the moral strength and courage to put their love of God before all else. Let their stories inspire you to greater service, quiet contemplation, ever deeper prayer, and renewed commitment to your spiritual path.

Blooming Rooms, Decorating with Flowers and Floral Motifs
Publisher: Rockport Publishers 2004

If you love flowers and floral motifs in interior decor, this book is for you. Every aspect of interior decorating–from size and scale to furniture, wall and floor coverings, soft furnishings, lighting, and dramatic art elements and accents–is explored in this in-depth book that focuses on using florals in every room of the house. This handy guide offers tips for exploiting the sensual delight of flowers. You’ll learn how to use essential oils to make your own room fragrance and also how to dry colorful summer blooms and fashion bouquets to brighten dreary winter spaces. But the tips and tricks don’t stop there. You’ll also learn how to create a dramatic look that focuses on glorious florals for every room in the house.

Adventures in Mosaics, Creating Pique Assiette Mosaics from Broken China, Glass, Pottery, and Found Treasures
Publisher: Rockport Publishers 2003

This book about mosaics was a Country Homes and Gardens book club selection. It was also translated into French. Using a easy-to-follow, four-step method to use broken china, mastic or glue, and grout, you can turn cast-offs into elegant artistic creations. Make one or more of the simple projects featured in the book, or use the process and make something uniquely yours.

Writing for the Ethnic Markets
Publisher: Writers Connection Press 1992

This book that emphases the importance of using language as a bridge across cultures went into two printings and was purchased by the U.S. Information Service for its libraries abroad. Czech Republic president Vaclav Havel gave Meera Lester permission open the book with a poem he wrote about the importance of words, especially to those for whom freedom of expression is limited or controlled by repressive regimes.

The Publishing Marketplace books
Publisher: Writers Connection Press 1989

California Publishing Marketplace, California and Hawaii Publishing Marketplace, Southwest Publishing Marketplace, and Northwest Publishing Marketplace.
These directories featured numerous book, magazine, and newspaper markets in western United States and Hawaii.

Doing a random act of kindness doesn’t have to cost you anything. You can silently bless someone walking past you, forgive an old hurt, release the jealousy you feel toward someone else, or smile at a stranger on the subway. In this compact, easy-to-read little volume, you’ll discover 1001 ways to not only do good for yourself and others, but for our planet as well.

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