Writing and Publishing Services

Are you a serious writer with a great idea for a book, but don’t know how to properly develop it for publication? Or, have you written a fantastic novel but don’t know how to garner an agent or editor’s interest? Or, do you believe your novel could become a fabulous film if only you could get it to film production companies or producers?

I can help you with one or more of my services.

* Determine the viability of your idea or project for a book
* Help you develop your concept from an idea to outline
* Content edit your book, short story collection, or nonfiction book
* Critique your project
* Guide you to writing a powerful query, synopsis, book proposal, or press release
* Guide you to professional copyeditors
* Make recommendations of where and to whom to send your project
* Help you develop a marketing plan
* Help you find film industry insiders
* Guide you in putting together a press packet/media kit

Payment for services provided are charged by the page, by the project, or by the hour and are necessarily negotiated on an individual basis, depending on the scope of your project.

Contact me with a brief overview of your project and what service(s) you seek, and I’ll provide a price quote. Email:

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